We moved to our new house almost a week ago, at Lyneham. Yesterday was a public holiday, plus, the weather was just so perfect that I just have to bring Aidan out to play. The playground is just 5 minutes away from our house. So I strapped Aidan in his stroller and off we go. There were other kids as well but unfortunately the play equipment was meant for bigger kids. Well, Aidan being brave and all, immediately climbed the slide (it was taller than me!) and down he goes. Later he discovered the ground was more fun so he just sat down and play with the dirt. Typical Aidan :)

For videos, do click the link below!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

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Aidan went to his very first orchestra performance! Fiza and I, we share several desires for our children. One of it is to expose these kids to music. The play is short, only 20 minutes. At first I disagreed but the first 10 minutes I can see several kids becoming restless and start walking around. Kids, their ability to focus on one thing is not like adults. It was fun, both for us parents and the children. We couldn’t take photos or videos during the performance, unfortunately :)

IMG_9930 IMG_9931 IMG_9932 IMG_9933 IMG_9935

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During our arrival to Canberra, we lost one of our baggage and inside is one of our most important possessions– Aidan’s toys! We know how much Aidan love to play with his toy cars and the minute my mom asked we what else to post to us I said “Aidan’s toys!”.

Well, from the photos it is so obvious that he misses his trucks. There are toy cars, here, at our friend’s house but he NEVER plays them like this. This– him lying down like this is so familiar back home and once we saw his like this.. well, lets just say, we’re happy as a june-bug :)

_IMG_9855 _IMG_9859 _IMG_9862 _IMG_9863

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We were at Australia National Arboretum! The park is relatively new and most plants that we saw has just been planted. It was a clear, bright day and the sky was super blue! Must plan at least another visit to this place.

bIMG_9830 bIMG_9832 bIMG_9835 bIMG_9836 bIMG_9837 bIMG_9838 bIMG_9839 bIMG_9840 bIMG_9842 bIMG_9844

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Our 2nd weekend day out! I think, every moms (student+moms) make it a point that weekends are specifically family time. Weekends are when parents make up the time being busy working and attending lectures. With the weather still slightly chilly, indoor playgrounds are the best option. Plus, ada pagar, budak2 tak lari sana-sini suka hati hehe. Guess I’ll just share the photos :)

_IMG_9781 _IMG_9782 _IMG_9785 _IMG_9791 _IMG_9796 _IMG_9797 _IMG_9799 _IMG_9800 _IMG_9807 _IMG_9809 _IMG_9814 _IMG_9815 _IMG_9817 _Untitled-1

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Hi! It has been so long since my last update. Been busy with lots of things and catching up with life. We are currently at Canberra, Australia. I have enrolled in Australian National University (ANU) for my PhD program. We will be staying here for 3 years, insyallah.

Pray for us!

Last Sunday was our first day out. Fiza (who has been super kind to allow us to stay at her house for the time being) took us to Canberra’s Botanical Garden. It was a sunny day and lots of people were there as well. Us mommies took our son for a walk as they have been inside all week due to the cold weather and our busy schedule. I guess, from now on, weekends are when I get to bring Aidan out to play.

_IMG_9690Spring is here!

_IMG_9695Holding hands with Mama :)

_IMG_9696Aunty Fiza and her son, Dayyan

_IMG_9698View from the park

_IMG_9699Aidan the explorer

_IMG_9701Being curious

_IMG_9702Reading signs. Dayyan is the same age as Aidan but he can already read!

_IMG_9704Mat bunga hehe


 Will come back again, we promise!

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Lots of people have told me- your kids will copy almost everything you do. Well, Aidan is definitely no exception. Since his Baba is a photographer, Aidan has become very familiar to cameras. Be it a handphone, compact or even SLR. We noticed he will ‘pose’ when realizing a camera is pointed towards him.

Ramai lah budak-budak macam tu sekarang :)

The other day, I left for work and have forgotten about my Canon G11 on the dining table. Ah, tak sampai kut Aidan tu. Well, I was wrong. Lupa, this kiddo dah pandai memanjat sana-sini. So when I got home, his Baba told me Aidan have been experimenting with my camera.

Here are some of the photos ‘accidentally’ snapped by Aidan.

IMG_9215 IMG_9223 IMG_9238 IMG_9257

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